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Late  Enrollment  Penalty ?

     Typically, Part A comes without a premium, that is if you
     have worked more than 40 quarters. However, those who
     choose not to enroll into Medicare Part B, or Part D, when
     First Eligible, will face a Late Enrollment Penalty.

     You are first-eligible to enroll into Medicare (3) months
     prior to your 65th Birthday. Generally you are late, if you
     wait more than (3) months past your 65th Birthday.

     The Amount of the Penalty is 1% of the National Average,
     accumulating monthly until you go finally decide to enroll
     into a PDP Plan, then you'll notice a "premium adjustment".

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  Medicare Supplement Plans are design to cover 
  some of the out-of-pocket expenses that Original 
  Medicare doesn't cover, including premiums, 
  deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance.
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  Choosing the right Medicare Plan is important

 Our Medicare Advisors will explain how medicare works, Look-up your Physician,
 Medications and show you options in black & white, based on your zip code, and
 that's how you (the consumer) will find a 'Plan'  that's the best-fit.

 Did You Know... Medicare Supplement or "Medi-Gap Plans" are Guarantee issue
 when you initially turn 65, after (6) months there's qualifying medical questions.
 However, Medicare Advantage Plans are available regardless of medical history.
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